We guarantee the operation of our products for two years from the date of delivery. Any defect of the materials and / or derivative of the manufacturing process of the device, is covered by our guarantee, including the repair, replacement, or change of the product and / or components without any charge for the client.

We are committed to the delivery of the repaired product, or to the replacement of the same, in a time of between 15 -30 business days from the entry of the affected product in our facilities. In case of a delay in the service caused by a force majeure, SkateFlash is exempt from any liability.

This guarantee may be made effective by presenting the original purchase invoice for the product, which provides you with a limited warranty of two years of service on all of our original products.

* Please save the purchase receipt as proof of warranty. We will comply with the guarantee conditions, as long as the damages have not been caused by the user.



- When the original data contained in the invoice show signs of having been altered deliberately or by discrepancies between the warranty, the proof of purchase and the product.

- When the defects and / or malfunction of the product are derived from an incorrect use of the same, unattended the recommendations and attached instructions.

- When the product shows clear signs of an incorrect use or that exceeds the capacities of the same, as well as an obvious abuse in the form of blows, or deterioration caused by liquids or corrosive substances, as well as any other anomaly attributable to the consumer.

- When the product has been disassembled, modified or repaired by unauthorized persons.

- When derived from the normal use of the product, some of its parts show wear and tear own use.

- In case the seals are handled or removed.


The batteries have a limited duration (charge cycles) and a discharge capacity that is affected by factors such as storage temperature and humidity in the storage area.

It must be borne in mind that battery "problems / failures" caused by sulfation, wear and physical damage are not manufacturing defects and are not covered by the warranty.

Under normal operating conditions the batteries do not discharge by themselves. The warranty will not cover physical damage to the battery terminals and / or anchors derived from improper use when removing and inserting the battery from its compartment.

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